Current Version Plugins

For Those wondering what are Plugins? As a result of the web browser becoming more of an open source program so has increased the number of plugins or additions to the browser. A Plugin is a piece of software or code that you can add on to your browser. Mozilla the makers of the popular Firefox browser have really lead the charge in allowing other companies to make programs compatible with their browser. Depending on what company is issuing the browser and what’s its function the plugins can range from being cosmetically appealing to a productive necessity in everyday use

How Much Do Plugins cost?

Many wondering how much plugins cost? The great majority of plugins are free, some are included with other pieces of software and others are sold for a fee.


Wondering Why You Should Update your Plugins?

Old Plugins may not be compatible with your current version of Firefox

New Plugins may have new functions

Old Plugins may have bugs and security issues

Old Plugins may crash your browser

What is LatestVersionPlugin?

Latest Version Plugin is a website dictated to providing information related to the latest version of plugin released also providing links to download the latest version plugin.

FireFox Related Questions

How to view your current installed plugins?

Go to the following

Firefox Tools menu>Add-ons>Plugin Tab

How to disable a Plugin on Firefox?

  1. Open the Firefox Tools Menu
  2. Click on Add-ons
  3. Select the Plugins Tab
  4. Select a plugin from the list of installed plugins
  5. Click on the Disable Button


Please note that disabling or uninstalling some plugins may cause your browser not to function to its full capabilities. For example, if you disable the Flash plugin, you will not be able to watch any flash related videos on websites such as Youtube.

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