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current version plugin adobe aam detect

Current Version plugin AdobeAAMDetect

Latestversionplugin – If you have Adobe products installed on your computer, you may have noticed the current version plugin Adobeaamdetect on your Firefox plugins list. You may wondering what this plugin does, why it was installed and if it’s malware. The good news is that this plugin is completely harmless, but you’ll want to keep…
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September 5, 2017 0

Current Version Plugin Adobe Acrobat and Reader

Current Version Plugin Shockwave for Director Shockwave for Director Adobe Shockwave is used by over 450 million people. While there is always a debate about the plugin’s security and usefulness, it has become an integral part of Director – another Adobe product. Powerful and efficient, Director utilizes Shockwave to run properly. Browsers that do not…
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August 31, 2017 0