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Apr 17, 2014
Harold McMiller

Current Version Plugin Facebook Video Calling Plugin

The Current Version Plugin Facebook Video Calling Plugin is a Firefox plugin that is installed when you download and install the Facebook Video Calling Software. The Facebook Video Calling Plugin helps integrate the Facebook video calling software and the Firefox browser together, enabling you to make video calls to your Facebook friends through your browser. The Facebook Video Calling Plugin is not a virus or malware, it is highly recommended that you maintain the software enabled in order for Firefox to function correctly, if you decide to use Facebook’s video chat software.

Facebook in partnership with Microsoft’s Skype has created it own video chat software.  Facebook now allows you to video call your friends. Facebook’s video calling feature has many cool features, if you call a friend who doesn’t have the video calling feature installed they would be asked if they would like to install it. The one downside to the video calling program is at the moment neither Skype portion of the software nor Facebook’s calling system has an option for group calling, which is one of the main features of Google+ Hangeout. However, as Facebook keeps developing their apps, this is one feature we expect will be released in the future.

facebook video calling

About Facebook

With Over a Billion users, it is very likely that not only you are on Facebook but many of your friends may have Facebook accounts. What better way to communicate with your friends then directly through a video chat? Facebook started in 2004, has grown to be the largest social network. with over a billion users, encompassing 1/6 of the world’s population. As a way of keeping its users more engaged, Facebook has developed many options and features such as the ability to play games with your friends or communicate with through through one of their chat programs. In an effort to keep users connected, Facebook has devloped many stand alone apps for many of the features that they have on their website. It has also acquired many business that help its users base communicate such as Instagram and Whatsapp.

Facebook Video Calling Plugin


The Current Version Plugin Facebook Video Calling Plugin will be installed when you download and install the Facebook calling program. The program is free to download and install. In order to download the software just click on the download button below and follow the instructions on that page. The video calling software works on all computers (Windows and Mac) and all browsers (Safari, Chrome and Firefox). The software is free to use however you do need a Facebook account and you’ll need to login to use the software, at least initially.

While the software and plugin should function without an issue, if you do have an issue due to maybe a bad download or configuration issue you may want to download the software again. If you continue to experience programs enabling video chat through your browser you may want to visit Facebook’s page for the video chat software as they have a vibrant communication which may be able to assist you in isolating your issue.



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