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Jan 30, 2013
Harold McMiller

Current Version Plugin Motive Plugin

About Current Version Plugin Motive Plugin

The Current Version Plugin Motive Plugin is a plugin that was likely included in a software package issued by your ISP. The software plugin isn’t harmful to your computer and maybe essential in how your computer communicates with with your internet provider. As a result we highly recommend that the plugin be left in place. The Motive Plugin was available for all operating systems and browsers.

Motive Communication are the makers of the Motive Plugin. What Motive Communications does is make broadband equipment, used by many ISPs. As a result you may have the Motive Plugin installed on your computer.  The Motive ISP software was available for both Windows and Mac OS Systems. Many people still may have the original ISP software still installed on their computer systems. Motive Communication was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent in 2008.


What does the Motive Plugin do? What the plugin does is offer ISPs a way to communicate with you through your browser and offer support. In the early days of the internet many ISPs provided an initial disk which installed many of the ISPs programs including some that help offer technical support to users.

Since its a communication utility, some antivirus and malware programs where indicting that the plugin is unsafe. Please note that the plugin is very safe. As for removing it, since it is likely that it was issued by your ISP you may not want to remove it unless being authorized by your ISP or if you have switched internet providers and are no longer with the ISP that installed the software on your computer. The reason being that it may prevent the ISP from providing technical support to your computer in the future. If you need to obtain the Current Version Plugin Motive Plugin you may want to reinstall any programs provided by your ISP or contacting them.

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