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Apr 8, 2014
Harold McMiller

Current Version Plugin Unity Player

The Current Version Plugin Unity Player is installed with the Unity web player. The Unity Web Player is free to download and available for all operating systems. It also works with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Windows Internet Explorer web browsers. The web player and the accompanying plugin has a feature that will update the software automatically, keeping your software and plugin always update to date. One of the main features of the Unity web player is that it will enhance the graphics and images viewed on your computer when the Firefox Unity Player Plugin included and setup.

You may be wondering if you should remove the Unity Player Plugin and for the most part you will want to keep the Unity Player plugin installed, especially if you have the Unity Software on your computer and in use or plan on using. If you build and design images and graphics in Unity and you want to view them you’ll need this software. Or if your playing games that utilize Unity’s software then you want to keep the plugin installed. At the moment there are no news or notification that the plugin causes any issues with other plugins and software. If the plugin does not work on your computer or is the cause of your browser crashing then I would remove it and reinstall it again.

About Unity

Unity 3D

Unity is a cross-platform game engine which was developed by the company Unity Technologies. Their game engine is used by the majority of gaming systems such as the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii. Its also included in iOS, Blackberry, Windows and Android Mobile operating Systems, touching consumers almost everyday regardless of the game system type that they use.  The reason behind the popularity of the Unity Game Engine is its ability for life like gaming details. One component to contribute to that is the Unity Web Player.

The  Unity Player is a web player and utility that allows you to build and view 3D content and games.  Unity is a leader in the 3D gaming and imaging environment. The Unity Player while originally built for Mac (Apple) For developers, it now has many other uses in today’s vibrant content development. The Unity Player Plugin will assist your browser in viewing and developing 3D content. The Unity software can be acquired through Unity Technologies website at   Additionally, you can view what their graphics and software can create through their website as well.

Unity Player Plugin

The Unity Web Player and Current Version Plugin Unity Player can be downloaded and installed through the download button provided at the bottom. The web player software and plugin are free to download and use. The unity plugin is not a virus or harmful to your computer, however it is helpful to have the latest version of Firefox or your browser of choice installed when running the Unity software in order to have the best optimized system. The last version of the unity software which is version 4.3.4 and it was released in January 2014.



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