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Apr 11, 2014
Harold McMiller

Current Version Plugin Windows Live™ Photo Gallery

The Current Version Plugin Windows Live™ Photo Gallery is a Firefox plugin that is included in the Windows Live Photo Gallery Software that is included in Windows based computers. The Windows Live Photo Gallery helps Firefox view pictures within the browser by tapping into the Gallery based software that is on the users personal computer. The plugin will also be essential when you edit and view images, which leads us to the next question.

Do I need the Windows Live Photo Gallery Plugin?

The simple answer is yes, and here is why. There are no know issues with the plugin and therefore the plugin should function correctly, now for the practical reason, the web is full of images and videos and even if you don’t edit images on your computer you are likely to come across something that you want to take a closer look at, which at that point when you click on an image and the image Windows Live Photo image viewer opens, it is doing so by the Firefox Photo Gallery plugin. If you suspect that the Windows live photo plugin is causing you issues then what we suggest is that you download and install the latest version of the Windows Live Photo Gallery software from Microsoft’s website. If your still having issues, it maybe the plugin at that point. We would also suggest doing a clean install of Mozilla Firefox with the latest version of that.

About Windows Live™ Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery which was previously know as Windows Photo Gallery is a photo/picture editing software which was released by Microsoft and included in Windows Vista.  Recently the photo gallery software has been included in the Windows Live Essential software package which is free to download for all Windows users.  Many of the software programs can be downloaded individually.  The latest version of the software was released in January 2014. Additionally in the latest version of the software there are many new features which help you edit and share your pictures such as the feature of uploading your pictures to Microsoft’s online storage system called Skydrive.  Skydrive is also incorporated into many other programs such as Microsoft Office 2013 and many other programs that Microsoft Offers.


The latest version of Windows Live Photo Gallery has many editing features such as Panoramic stitching, tagging, along with adjusting shadow, highlights, and sharpness. It also has many cool features like face detection. The latest version of the software also incorporates many cloud based features and social network aspects into the software.

The Current Version Plugin Windows Live Photo Gallery is installed with the download and installation of Windows Live Essential software. You can download the software through the download link provided below. The plugin will work with all versions of Firefox that are 3.6 or Higher.


Microsoft has also issued many additional plugins for the Photo Gallery software, those plugins help expand the features of the Photo Gallery software.  Click below to download the additional Photo Gallery Plugins Such as AutoCollage which automatically creates a collage or the plugin for Vimeo publish, which lets you publish to the vimeo video site..


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