Apr 16, 2014
Harold McMiller

Current Version Plugin Facebook Desktop

The Current Version Plugin Facebook Desktop plugin will also allow you to connect to the Facebook Chat Messenger and communicate with your friends and family that you are connected through Facebook via your browser. The plugin helps keep you connected and logged into Facebook while you are surfing the internet. For those who want to stay connected to Facebook but don’t want or can’t be on Facebook all the time. The Facebook software is available for both PC and Apple Mac Operating systems.

With almost a billion people signed up for Facebook, it has become the modern day mass communication tool, where people can post on your Facebook wall, share pictures, send emails and other forms of communications between each other. In order to find out if you have any messages, emails, post or comments you have to login and check your page. However there is a tool now released by Facebook which is the Facebook Desktop application, after you install the software, login and then you are able to see if anyone posts, emails or comments on your pages, without having to be on the Facebook site constantly. During the installation process the software will install a Firefox Plugin called Current Version Plugin Facebook Desktop. The plugin help integrate the Facebook Desktop software and the Firefox Browser.


Where did Current Version Plugin Facebook Desktop Come From?

If you checked your Mozilla Firefox plugins, you may have noticed that you have a Facebook Firefox plugin called Current Version Plugin Facebook Desktop. You also may be wondering how did you get this plugin, and if you need it. This Facebook plugin was installed on your computer when you downloaded and installed the Facebook Messenger Program or their desktop software on your desktop.  As for whether you need the software, unless its crashing your Firefox Browser I would recommend keep this plugin. What this plugin does is it helps Firefox communicate and execute files when you utilize the Facebook Desktop software or their Facebook Messenger software. Removing the Current Version Plugin Facebook Desktop will likely hinder your usage of those programs.  However if you don’t use Facebook Messenger, their Desktop program or Facebook in general than your safe to remove the plugin from your computer. Additionally if you downloaded and installed the Facebook Video Calling software you will have an additional plugin called Current Version Plugin Facebook Video Calling

Facebook Desktop


The software is free to download and enhances your user experience on the Facebook social network.  In order to download the Facebook desktop software and the Current Version Plugin Facebook Desktop you can click on the download button below, which will take you to the download page for the software.  The latest version of the Firefox Desktop software is version 0.85 with the version being released on February 15, 2012.  The software is will work on both Windows and Mac computers. Additionally the Desktop software will allow you to access Facebook’s other properties such as Instagram or WhatsApp messaging program which Facebook recently acquired.



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