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September 7, 2017 Chrome Google Chrome Extension Plugin 0
gadu gadu plugin

latestversionplugin – The Current Version Plugin Gadu Gadu Plugin is a Firefox plugin that is included with the Gadu Gadu Chat program. Gadu Gadu which translates into Talk Talk. The Current Version Plugin Gadu Gadu Plugin incorporates some functions and features into the Firefox browser such as the ability to see your friends list through the browser and the ability to initiate the chat function with users through the Firefox browser. The benefit of the plugin is that you get to use the majority of the chat features without having to open the Gadu Gadu Chat software.

gadu gadu current plugin


About Gadu Gadu

Gadu Gadu is a Polish based web chat software. The software is built on a proprietary protocol. The Chat system was initially built to be used on personal customers but has expend into mobile devices as smartphone ownership has increased. Like other Chat software programs Gadu Gadu isn’t tied to a single communication platform, allowing for a users on their personal computer to communicate with a users on a mobile phone or their web based platform.  The software is the most popular chat software program in Poland with over 15 million registered accounts and over 6.5 Million users online daily. The software is free to download and use. The software is supported through advertising placed within the chat program.

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Download Gadu Gadu

In order to download the Gadu Gadu chat software which will also include the Current Version Plugin Gadu Gadu Plugin, click on the download button below. The Chat software will run on Windows, Windows 8, OS X, and Linux operating systems. It will also run on many different mobile platforms such as android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry phones. The software will also work on Chrome and Firefox browsers without any issues. There are no know problems between the software and the browsers.

Download Version Plugin Gadu Gadu


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