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September 8, 2017 Google Google Chrome Extension 0
google earth plugin

The Current Version Plugin Google Earth Plug-in is included in the Google Earth software package. The Firefox plugin helps incorporate Google Earth software capabilities into your browser browser. Another function of the plugin is to check and ensure that your version of the Google Earth software is up to date and update the Google Earth Software with the latest patches and updates when required.

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About Google Earth

Ever watch a cable news show and see them select a location on the map and then zoom in, showing the surrounding area in quality 3D? Well you can have the same capabilities.  The program that the news shows use is from Google and its called Google Earth. Google also produces a plugin for browsers which offers you the same abilities for your web browser.  Google is the maker of the popular Google maps software and service, many of the technologies used to help map roads has also been included in the Google Earth software. In the latest version of the software it also you to fly through metropolitan areas in 3D.

Download Google Earth Plugin

The plugin is pretty popular as it has been downloaded over 50,000 times just through CNET, the plugin works with Firefox, Chrome and internet Explorer and like other Google Plugins it is free to download and use. By integrating the  Google Earth Plugin into your browser you be able to increase your map viewing experience by viewing the Earth in 3D but also building, bridges and many more objects in 3D. The latest version of Google Earth is version 7. In order to download the Google Earth software which would also include the Current Version Plugin Google Earth Plug-in , click download button below to be taken to the page to download the current version of Google Earth and the Firefox plugin


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