Apr 20, 2014
Harold McMiller

Current Version Plugin Microsoft Office 2010

The Current Version Plugin Microsoft Office 2010 allows users to open excel, word and other office extensions directly in the browser while surfing the internet, no longer requiring users to download the files and open up the stand alone software to open the recently downloaded file. The Firefox plugin was included with the Microsoft Office software suite and is installed into your computer system while installing Microsoft Office. The Current Version Plugin Microsoft Office 2010 is not a virus or malware. It is not harmful to your computer. Due to the functionality of the Microsoft Office Plugin we highly recommend maintaining the plugin installed.

The current version plugin is called WcPlugin.exe and it comes prepackaged with Microsoft Office 2010. For those users who are using previous versions of Office you can download the current version plugin of Microsoft Office by clicking here.

About Microsoft Office 2010

This version of Microsoft Office is what most people are familiar with, as the software is over 4 years old now, and even though it is 4 years old its features and functions are still viable in today’s workplaces where most people are exposed to the Office Suit software. Microsoft Office is a suite of productivity software, some of the new updates in Microsoft Office 2010 are a new ribbon interface, assistance with background removal, new SmartArt templates, new text and image editing effects, a better save and retrieval screen which shows you the latest documents you opened and worked on.  The 2010 version of Microsoft Office is the second version which included the ribbon interface, which is also continued in Microsoft 2013.  The latest version of Microsoft office is 2013, however documents files created in previous version are compatible with Microsoft Office 2010.

Microsoft Office 2010


In order to update the Current Version Plugin Microsoft Office 2010 plugin you will need to initiate that update through Microsoft update feature.  The Windows update option can be found in the control panel under windows update, it will update all Microsoft products. Since Microsoft Office is available for both PC and Apple Mac OS, the plugin would be available for both operating systems. The plugin is free to update.

Microsoft Office 2010 will work with both Windows and OSx operating systems, Microsoft also recently announced that they will support the Office products on iPads and iPhones. Provided below is a link to Microsoft Office’s offices site where you’ll be able to get the required plugins.



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  • so is this free?

    • I don’t think Microsoft Office was ever free however the student version is greatly discounted.

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