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Introducing, Responsive Nav, a Responsive Navigator Plugin for WordPress

October 17, 2017 Plugin Wordpress 0
Responsive Nav

There are a few approaches to make route responsive, and more often than not the arrangement we require is very direct. In any case, regardless of the evident straightforwardness, there are numerous fundamental elements which, when thoroughly considered and actualized legitimately, can improve a basic arrangement even without adding greater multifaceted nature to the UI.

One of the issues I’ve experienced while building responsive routes is that programs right now don’t bolster CSS3 advances to a stature which is characterized auto. More often than not, we shouldn’t utilize settled stature either in light of the fact that the tallness of menu things won’t not be the same in all programs, and the quantity of things may change. I additionally dependably endeavor to decrease the heaviness of pages I assemble, so I’ve been needing an answer that doesn’t require a major library, for example, jQuery to work.


Responsive Nav


Today, I’m satisfied to present Responsive Nav, a free and open-source JavaScript module that takes care of these issues and more in one modest bundle. It’s discharged under the MIT License, so you can utilize it in the greater part of your undertakings for nothing and with no confinements. The arrangement isn’t one size fits all, nor is it intended to be. However, for the individuals who are searching for an answer that does one thing great, it’s certainly a decent decision.



Responsive Nav is a minor JavaScript module which weighs just 1.6 KB minified and Gzip’ed, and causes you to make a flipped route for little screens. It utilizes touch occasions and CSS3 advances for the most ideal execution. It additionally contains a “sharp” workaround that makes it conceivable to change from stature: 0 to tallness: auto, which isn’t ordinarily conceivable with CSS3 advances.

  • Straightforward, semantic markup.
  • Weighs just 1.6 KB minified and Gzip’ed.
  • Doesn’t require any outer library.
  • Utilizations CSS3 changes and touch occasions.
  • Expels the 300 ms delay between a physical tap and the snap occasion.
  • Makes it conceivable to utilize CSS3 changes with tallness: auto.
  • Worked in light of openness, implying that everything takes a shot at screen perusers and with JavaScript incapacitated, as well.
  • Works in all significant desktop and versatile programs, including IE 6 and up.
  • Allowed to use under the MIT permit.


How It Works?

Responsive Nav is the successor of TinyNav.js which was discharged in 2011. While TinyNav worked so it changed over a general route to a select menu, Responsive Nav just shrouds the first route and includes a flip which opens and closes it. Responsive Nav doesn’t essentially change the html structure of the report by any means, so it’s in that sense a considerably more straightforward arrangement.

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Responsive Nav works by ascertaining out of sight the maximum stature expected to fit all the menu things. At the point when the client taps the route flip the module utilizes CSS3 changes to progress from a tallness that is set to 0 to the maximum stature it ascertained before. Responsive Nav additionally connects a touchstart occasion audience to the flip, which makes it conceivable to expel the default 300 ms defer that happens when utilizing click occasions.


Why Choose This Over Another Solution?

Responsive Nav is lightweight and doesn’t rely upon any outside library. The route opens immediately on touchstart — not any more 300 ms delay on touch gadgets. It’s additionally (to the extent I know) the main responsive route module out there that utilizations CSS3 advances with variable stature (albeit rectify me in case I’m off-base). Responsive Nav is additionally worked on account of availability, implying that everything takes a shot at screen perusers and with JavaScript impaired, ideal out of the crate. At long last, Responsive Nav has been tried to deal with 60+ versatile and desktop programs, so you would’t need to stress over program bolster. See the full rundown of tried stages.


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