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Prevent The Last Jedi spoilers with Google Chrome extension

December 29, 2017 Google Google Chrome Extension News Technology 0
Google Chrome extension

In case you’re frantically endeavoring to keep away from spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, this application is for you.


Google Chrome extension


Power Block is a Google Chrome expansion that cautions you in case you’re going to visit pages that may have Star Wars spoilers. The notices appear as charming trademarks that reference past Star Wars motion pictures, for example, “That is no moon, it’s a spoiler” and “The capacity to pulverize a planet is irrelevant alongside the energy of spoilers.”

The augmentation is accessible for download on the Chrome Web Store. It was made to recognize spoilers for The Force Awakens, yet will distinguish spoilers for The Last Jedi beginning Dec. 13. The augmentation is the handicraft of advanced generation organization Priceless Misc.

“Just refreshed the previous evening once we found where Luke was found,” declared Matthew Tyndall, accomplice and head of generation at Priceless Misc, to console stressed analysts Tuesday. “Much obliged R2!”

The augmentation is super delicate, which means you’ll more likely than not get a great deal of false positives when you utilize it — the expansion attempted to piece me from Priceless Misc’s landing page, advising me that “Hokey religions and antiquated weapons are no match for spoilers, kid.”

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In any case, the designers know about this — actually, it’s deliberate. In a blog entry, they stated “What’s more terrible for the clients, clicking through a couple of false notices, or have a module that neglected a critical spoiler through the splits? Guaranteeing the washout would have the most reduced probability of being ruined was principal.”

Be that as it may, don’t stress over being hindered from your most loved sites everlastingly: As with a promotion blocker, you can “whitelist” a page to make it invulnerable to Force Block’s examination.


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