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The current version plugin RealPlayer Download plugin is available for both Firefox and Chrome. RealPlayer allows users to watch videos, and the company has shifted its focus to include three usage tiers for their cloud services: free, premium and unlimited.

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All tiers allow you to:

  • Store photos and videos on the cloud.
  • Play files back in SD (free) or HD (premium and unlimited).
  • Story lengths for videos are 30s – unlimited depending on the tier.

RealPlayer is the easiest way to watch, save and share photos and videos across any device. When downloading the current version plugin, you’ll be able to experience the web like never before.

What Does RealPlayer Download Offer?

You may be wondering why you have this plugin installed and what it offers in terms of functionality. Unlike the RealPlayer that allows users to view videos, the download plugin offers the following:

  • Right click and save videos using the RealPlayer Video Downloader.
  • Upload and organize videos across numerous devices.
  • Transfer videos to other devices.
  • Automatically upload videos to the RealPlayer Cloud library.

If you’ve ever tried to download a YouTube video and failed before, you know just how frustrating and inaccessible downloading video online can be. This is exactly why so many people trust RealPlayer – it makes complicated video easy to download.

The plugin itself is merely an extension of the RealPlayer Video Downloader software. Using your browser, either Google Chrome or Firefox, you’ll be able to right click on videos and download them instead of pasting URLs into a program and hoping it works.

You can start downloading the videos you want today and store them inside of your own video library. Since the videos are stored on the cloud, you’ll be able to watch them from any device – whenever you want.

Getting the Current Version Plugin RealPlayer Download Plugin


If you want to make downloading videos a breeze, you need to download the RealDownloader software to your PC. This software comes with the PC RealPlayer Cloud app and will allow you to “favorite” online video sites and watch free videos in seconds.

FREE Download Realplayer

All free videos can be added to your RealPlayer library for ease of use.

You can safely save all videos right to your computer with the click of a button and will never have to worry about converting video file types again. It’s the perfect way to consume video content the way that you want – even without an Internet connection.

The good news is that you can start using the RealPlayer Downloader for free.

You’ll need to download the software and install it if you want to have the latest version of the plugin. In the event that a new version is released, RealPlayer will alert you of the update and help you get the latest and greatest plugin for free.

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Users that choose the premium and unlimited tier will get more storage space and will also have the option of streaming or watching videos in high-definition. With monthly and yearly options, you’ll find that RealPlayer Downloader is extremely affordable, or free if you don’t care about limitations.