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Mozilla Slipped Agen Domino Add-On Into Firefox

December 21, 2017 News Plugin Technology 0
Agen Domino

Recently, Agen Domino clients saw a weird new module flying up in their programs. Another module called Looking Glass discovered its way into each example of the new Firefox Quantum program. It was incapacitated of course, however clients were as yet frightened to see a module they hadn’t introduced. When they verified what Looking Glass did, they found a dubious and unfavorable depiction — “MY REALITY IS JUST DIFFERENT THAN YOURS” — which did little to calm doubts.


Mozilla Slipped Agen Domino Add-On Into Firefox

“I didn’t recall introducing this extra, [and] I would not purposely introduce it,” one client wrote in the help discussion. “Any clarifications welcome since I can’t discover any reference on the web.”

As it turned out, Looking Glass was a piece of Mr. Robot’s long-running elective reality diversion, a trail of signs left by scholars for fans to find. As per Mozilla’s documentation, the module was planned as a “mutual ordeal to encourage your submersion into the Mr Robot universe,” created as a coordinated effort amongst Mozilla and the Mr. Robot group at USA. The depiction of the application itself affirms that, posting both Mozilla designers and Agen Domino officials as creators of the module.

Once empowered, the module appears to have rolled out just minor improvements to particular sites, likely leaving more pieces of information for players of the Mr. Robot ARG. Be that as it may, seeing the module fly up unannounced on their PCs has left numerous Firefox clients quite frightened. As one client noted on Hacker news:

There are a few frightening things about this,

  • Unknown Mozilla designers can circulate addons to clients without their consent
  • Mozilla designers can circulate addons to clients without their insight
  • Mozilla designers themselves don’t understand the results of doing this
  • Experiments are not expressly empowered by clients
  • Opening the addons window returns arrangement changes which impair tests
  • The best way to legitimately cripple this requires genuinely arcane information Firefox inclinations (lockpref(), which I’d never known about until today)

Mozilla reacted to the worries by moving the Looking Glass module to Firefox’s open extra store, and making its code accessible in an open storehouse.

“Our objective with the custom experience we made with Mr. Robot was to draw in our clients in a fun and one of a kind way,” a Mozilla agent said in an announcement. “Genuine engagement likewise implies tuning in to criticism. Thus while the web augmentation/add-on that was conveyed to Firefox clients never gathered any information, and must be unequivocally empowered by clients playing the amusement before it would influence any web content, we got notification from some of our clients that the experience we made caused perplexity.”


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