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YouTube High Definition Firefox Extension Review & Download

September 4, 2017 Firefox Firefox Extensions Guide Plugin Review Uncategorized Youtube 0

Latestversionplugin – YouTube fans hate how Google keeps tweaking the sites, making it more and more frustrating while using them. The fact is that mobile devices are the only reason that Google has made the website’s HD options difficult to use

Watching videos in HD can be annoying because they load too slowly. In order to provide uninterrupted viewing experience for the users, YouTube does not allow the HD formats play automatically. The default videos will be in unclear, which you will need to change by clicking the mouse after it starts playing, in order to view it in HD format.

YouTube High Definition Firefox Extension Review

YouTube High Definition Firefox Extension Review

Fortunately, YouTube High Definition (HD), simple Mozilla Firefox add-on makes sure that you can enjoy the videos at the highest resolution, saving a lot of your time. This add-on loads video automatically in 240P, 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p resolutions every time. Every video can be viewed in wide mode using YouTube High Definition app.


Features of YouTube High definition add-on


  • Free add-on software for Firefox
  • All YouTube Videos can be enjoyed automatically in HD quality
  • Flexibility to change YouTube video players size and quality applying relevant options
  • Automatically selects the highest resolution by default
  • Supports to play YouTube videos in full-page mode allowing better HD experience
  • You can enjoy listening to YouTube songs, FlashBlock videos as well as Twitter, Reditt, Facebook YouTube videos in HD quality
  • Totally free download, install, update and use ceaselessly


How it works?

YouTube HD informs the site about your choice to watch video in 720P by adding “&hd=1” to URL. This addition to URL is a standard set by YouTube, so users can get prompt results and not have to select HD options manually all the time.

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An optional choice to load HTML5 videos is also included in this add-on. In order to do that, just add “&html5=1” to URL.

In 99% cases, embedded videos are supported according to YouTube’s embedding guidelines. In rare cases such hitches take place, especially if the web developers embed it manually without following appropriate YouTube’s recommended code.

Positive reviews

YouTube High Definition is an amazing add-on that functions perfectly. It is designed to be light-weight and has minimum code. Users don’t have to select 720P or 1080p manually. It is prompt and performs exactly as per the instructions given.

Negative reviews

Performance is good, but messes up random site functions like disables the buttons. However, YouTube have been working real hard to fix this issue. Another known issue is that any videos, which load in HTML5 player, do not load in HD automatically.



YouTube provides different options to play videos. Some of them suit users having high speed connections, but others with slow connections have difficulty in viewing them.

Download YouTube High Definition Firefox Extension Review

YouTube HD add-on is the one that allows playing YouTube videos in a variety of formats. You have to choose the video player size like large, small or default. Users can set their quality standard for every YouTube playbacks, and change them as and when needed.


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